The Message

Well, I’m sure we have all heard and read about the current situations with immigration and deportation here in the United States. Do you know what the process is and how the government handles these cases? Are you or a loved one facing deportation? Honestly, to actually be in this scenario must be very freighting.


The fact that you have been working in this country for so long and have established a life here in the United States, just as any other person that calls themselves an American, can one day soon be deported and taken away from your family at any given moment, despite your accomplishments, assets, no criminal history and family being born here in the US. That can be a real life horror for any family, at any given time.

What will you do if you or a loved one falls victim to these laws that are being changed due to the new presidency?


The Resources

Here listed, are links to immigration attorneys, rights coalitions, and other helpful resources that can fight for your rights even when you feel like you have none left.

The Conclusion

President Donald trump plans to immediately deport 2 to 3 million immigrants immediately in 2017, regardless of no criminal history or background.


The United States is changing drastically and quickly under the new presidency. Tension is up at an all time high, due to the change in deportation and immigration laws. It’s breaking families apart, putting them more in a financial deficit, and also it’s ruining the future of many innocent children. Each citizen should brace themselves on what is ahead for the future of this country, whether you are here illegally or not.

If you know someone that can benefit from any of this info, please feel free to share it with them.


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