This is for the hard working class people and people who experience hardships in life from time to time. Single parents, Jobless, Widowed, Homeless, Teenage Pregnancies, Runaways, Drug Addicts, Recovering Alcoholics. The type of people who are sometimes short on all of their bills and who are not able to provide food for their family, due to life’s ups and downs.

This blog is to provide helpful resources that can assist people with these types of issues.

I want this blog to be a helpful resource for people in need. Also, to assist them into being able to create a foundation and establish a strong source of stability for their future.

The Breakdown

Altibajo is a spanish word meaning: (ups and downs). Life does have it’s ups and downs. Life sees no color because it happens to us all. Especially if your husband or wife passes and leaves you stuck in debt and yet you still have to provide for the family. The hard working people living pay check to paycheck, who are short on their bills for the month because they had to spend their rent or bill money on expensive medications that they are in dyer need of. Single parents that can’t afford daycare to go and work, this blog is for you. People who can’t find jobs because of their criminal background. Teenagers that have been raped or molested by a complete stranger or family member and end up pregnant and don’t know what to do or where to go. The drug addicts and alcoholics that are damaged by their past, and can’t get any support or help, this blog is for you.

How to Find Help

Altibajo Services strives to assist those that are in need of helpful resources such as:


  • Single Parents: Helpful resources for food, clothing, rent, utilities, education, childcare, and affordable housing


  • Jobless: Assist with total job placement and proper training, education, food

  • Widowed: Helpful resources for food, clothing, rent, utilities, childcare, housing, debt

  • Homeless: Helpful resources for shelter, food, clothing, job placement, education

  • Teenage Pregnancies: Provide resources that handle unexpected and unwanted pregnancies, pregnancy test, STD testing, rape, birth control, counseling, shelter, and nutrition


  • Runaways: Helpful resources that provide shelter, food, clothing, and counseling

  • Drug Addicts: Helpful resources with recovery, shelter, food, and clothing

  • Recovering Alcoholics: Provides resources with recovery, shelter, food, and clothing



The Goal

Although life can be challenging in so many different circumstances, I hope that this will help give you some hope and help alleviate some of the stress on solving your everyday problems. No matter how serious or small the situation, we will try to help assist you with the proper resources to help you move on to build the foundation of your new future.

After reading this, do you feel a bit more relieved knowing that there is still hope and there are helpful resources out there to help you? Do you know of someone that can benefit from this or has benefited from this?

Let us know feedback in the comments.



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